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These are the “Days” of my week from September 13-17:

I am digging that the show is bringing back campiness which is why I started watching in the first place, during Marlena’s second possession. I do believe there should be a balance and so far there is. I don’t have a lot to rant about this week. My feelings remain the same that the show is tanking, however this week had a better feel for me and I am choosing not to recycle last week’s rant!

Bringing back campiness!
Vivian’s fantasies were the highlight of my week. DOOL is still the funniest soap opera on TV. The chanting to the baby, “Hail Satan, hail Satan!” was pretty comical as was Gus storming off, refusing to help Vivian with her insane yet entertaining plan, yelling, “You couldn’t buy me off with a high-colonic.” Give me more of this! Vote. What are your thoughts on campiness?

Wolverine’s darkness.
Though we’re still knee deep in the Sami saga, as usual, it’s nice to see The Brady Show. One of the better things the show has done this year was to give in to Brady’s darkness. He is more fun drunk. Like Nikki falling off the wagon on The Young and The Restless, it’s great story fodder. Even his face is darker. The gentle nod to Wolverine didn’t go unnoticed.

Should Samanther go to jail? Everyone is ruminating over this question. After her frank talk with young William, we understand how things went down in her own head. She didn’t plan to shoot him, she couldn’t risk having EJ disappear with her babies and she knows the DiMera family well enough to know going to the cops would have done nothing. It really does make sense when she puts it like that, and maybe you or I would have done the same in her shoes. Who knows? Still, she committed a crime and should be punished for it. Technicalities. This sort of puts the Bradys closer to paying back what the DiMera’s did to them over the years, which is nice. If Sami has to face jail, she should face it with Hope, who needs somebody on her side in jail right now, what with Tina getting the word out that her new cellmate is a psycho cop. It could prove interesting.

Psycho cop.
Speaking of Hope, how refreshing is it to have her be the inmate everyone fears. I hope she’s the one who kicks arse rather than having her own kicked. I’ve enjoyed Hope since she took on this dual personality and though she’s back to normal, I’m still captivated by this storyline.