Fast frugal fabulous food secrets.

Deidre Hall has been away from Days of Our Lives since January 23, 2009 and her presence is still missed by many. reported earlier this month that Deidre is suing her fan club president, CJ Paradis. On a more professional note, Hall announced this summer that her new book is out and ready for fans perusal.

The book is called “Kitchen Closeup. Fast Frugal Fabulous Food Secrets,” and is written by Deidre Hall and friend Lynne Parmiter Bowman. A little excerpt from the book: “How do those women you see on the tube year after year, decade after decade, keep it glued together? What in the world are they doing so they still look eerily like they did when you used to watch the show every day in the eighties with your Grandma? Great question. We’d like to offer, with utmost humility, a few answers. Not that we know a huge amount more than you do. The difference just may be that because it’s our business, we pay very close attention to this stuff, and try it out if we think there’s a chance it’s going to make us look a little better or feel a little more energetic. If it seems to work, even a little bit, we practice it, and maybe in some cases perfect it. If it doesn’t work for us, we not only reject it, but tell everybody we know it didn’t work. Now, we want to share with you what did work, hoping you’ll have some fun doing your own personal research on the matter…” Hall also told Soap Opera Digest, “It’s an everywoman book because it fills the gap between all those things you know how to make — those five or six items we can do with our eyes closed that we are so sick of making — and the high-hat guys that have 45 ingredients and they’re impossible to make, and who has the time?”

Hall will guest on the “Wendy Williams Show” October 7 at 10 AM, live, where she promotes her book. For tickets to see Deidre Hall on Wendy Williams, click here. The book you can find at any local bookstore or Google it online.