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These are the “Days” of my week for September 6 -10:

This week was a short one, but moved at a good clip. The focus was mostly on the outcome of EJ’s shooting though Maggie went from trying to bury her feelings to attempting to flee Salem to agreeing to help with Melanie’s baby shower for her sort of step-sibling/step-child. Meanwhile, Vivian simply worked on her plan to bury Maggie.

Twist my arm.
Yesterday Johnny was thrilled his parents were getting married. Today Johnny’s thrilled mommy is marrying Rafe. He’s one well adjusted kid or just really doesn’t fully understand what’s going on because of his youth. I’d have thought a massive change such as this would confuse a small child but that is glossed over in order to get on with the adult storyline. White knight Rafe suddenly has depth and has become interesting this week in several ways. First, a mere hours after Sami dumped EJ, Rafe was ready to get into Sami’s pants and marry her, his advice to Sami about pulling the plug was odd. “If he’s going to die anyway, why not just let him go? It’ll make life easier. For everyone.” Sure. Probably but really? Then, in front of Lexi, he wished the whole DiMera family was mowed down. I had to watch it twice to ensure I heard correctly. I didn’t know Rafe had it in him. He’s really trying to twist her arm.

“I know what you did last night.”
Poor Will. The kid can’t cut a break being Sami’s kid and Stefano’s pal. It really would be to his benefit if he left Salem but that wouldn’t be entertaining for us. He confronted Sami, who he saw scurrying from the DiMera mansion with what looked like a gun. It was a very intense scene. Sami could have lied and become super defensive or started to bawl but she didn’t. I don’t think she has come out of the shock of what she did yet and it made for one of the best scenes I’ve seen in a while.

Sami shot EJ with her hair in a bun, however, when she threw the gun in the river moments later, her hair was down. Is this supposed to mean something or is it a blooper? Vote on why you think Sami’s hair changed.

The first time I saw Stefano cry, I went into cardiac arrest. I didn’t find it believable because he’s the Phoenix, but he’s been a little softer than he was years ago and I’m getting accustomed to it. I guess. When he mentioned EJ was his favourite son I thought about Chad and wondered when Kate would confess to hubby that he has yet another son. All week I’ve been wondering if the DiMera security system is out of commission, or if Marco is on holiday, considering Sami got away with the shooting so easily. Well, so far.