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These are the “DAYS” of my week for August 30-September 3:

The shocking twist this week where Sami shot EJ in the noggin wasn’t a shock at all to anybody because over a month before the spoiler came out to us, fans were posting about it in the forums. It was a letdown. I hoped it was conjecture but Corday slipped it into the fall sweeps early, possibly to ensure more viewers tuned in. I prefer when some teasers are more of a shock to all. It’s the not knowing that keeps me watching. Anyway, on with it…

Corday’s promises:
Corday promised a smart and strong Sami on the way but shooting EJ in the head wasn’t smart, nor was it strong. It was careless, illegal and morally wrong for the little Catholic to do! I call her a desperate stupid, insipid woman.

Many fans call Corday sick to mess around with their fans by having Sami flip flop between two men. This doesn’t win Sami any fans and I’m surprised the Ejami and Safe fans haven’t left for another show who respects their fans more. Are fans to gather that Sami wanted Rafe all along and was merely with EJ because she couldn’t have the man she really wanted? I’m not seeing that. I’m seeing a desperate woman who can’t be without a man. A woman who needs a man to take care of her. I see somebody who has no conscience who shot a man in the head, got rid of the evidence and got into bed with another man for some heavy panting and sex. There’s a bit of Eww factor there. It’s been a few days since Sami dumped EJ the Sydnapper and already she accepted Rafe’s marriage proposal. She told Rafe he was her dream come true two days after she thought EJ was. She lied to Rafe twice already even before they were engaged and we’re supposed to swoon over this couple? Is this the way Corday likes to portray his strong and smart women? I’m not amused. I’m also not amused that EJ had a loaded gun in an unlocked drawer in a room where the children play, but I do find it amusing that Sami ran with a gun to the pier and nobody noticed. Or did they?