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These are the “Days” of my week for August 23-26:

In summary.
The big reveal did nothing for me. Payoff should never take this long. I stopped caring ages ago. Plus, Rafe repeated the same dialogue all week. It was him, Sami. Him. EJ. EJ did it. It was him who kidnapped Sydney. He did it. Stephanie stuck even more fingers in her mouth to show how coy and sexy she is while Brady, so weak, turned to alcohol just because he saw his gal pal’s humongous bank account and assumed she was up to no good. Without a good reason why he has turned into Mr. Bad Guy, what started out as fun is now getting ridiculous without that motivation required on his part to make me feel for him. It’s already becoming a joke and starting to get to me. He took a drink because he didn’t like that Victor was right about something. Loser. Note to the DOOL writers. When you are attempting to write a good boy gone bad, using booze is a start but you quickly have to give him more ‘bad boy’ duties.

Who is this version of my Vivi?
Vivian Alamain is not the surefooted confident Vivi I once knew. Gus is confused by her actions, Victor noticed her obvious reason for purchasing the sarcophagus that she was so thrilled Maggie liked. Why watch if we can figure everything out so easily? Maybe they’ll have Victor bury Vivi alive instead, providing an obvious twist.

Die Sydnapper Storyline. Die.
The Sydnapper debacle is about to become a distant horrible memory, ala Tinda Lau and Touch The Sky storylines. Rafe’s dialogue recycled itself for two days. Sami learned the truth and used used a quiet dignified anger in a controlled way until she had to match EJ’s bellowing if only to be heard when she blasted him for his machinations. The CD won’t be admissible in court so Sami or Bo or somebody else will have to shoot EJ and send him to hospital once again. You know that’s how they’ll write it because that’s how Dena the recycler rolls. Let’s have a poll. Who has ruined DOOL more? I don’t care about the fallout from this. My dream is to fast forward to something completely different with a new head writer who doesn’t like love triangles or baby storylines.

Bye Barley.
Beauregard had a dream about Hope sitting on his bed begging him to help her. All I could think about was a scene of Sami sitting on EJ’s bed during one of his dreams while he was with Nicole. I can see Carly was right. Bo’s got a thing for damsels in distress. She has every right to fear for her relationship. But I could care less because this character is a drip.