Jimena Hoyos and Ashley Holland (Lori Wilson/Soaps.com)

Even though she didn’t win season 4 of I Wanna Be A Soap Star, Jimena Hoyos took it all in stride. With a self-deprecating attitude and sense of humor, the Colombian actress came to terms with the fact that even though she didn’t take away the coveted 13-week contract on Days of Our Lives, she will take with her an extremely valuable and positive experience. After the taping of the live finale, I had the chance to talk to Jimena about her time on Soap Star.

When I asked her how she felt after coming in as runner up to Ashlee Holland, Jimena deadpanned, “It sucks; I lost. Are you kidding me?” She then laughed and said, “No, it was amazing. I think this is a gift and an opportunity. It was an amazing idea for the producers to have this show. Even if you’re a struggling actor or you’re not, it’s the best rehearsal and the best opportunity.”

She may have a positive attitude now, but it didn’t always appear that way on the show. Even Jimena herself realized how negative she came across, as when it came time for her to watch Soap Star, she told me, “At the beginning I watched four episodes and then I saw myself complain so much and whine so much, that I couldn’t even take it. But then I recorded it and would watch it afterwards.”