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These are the “Days” of my week from August 16-19:

Psst! Since I was on holiday last week I may touch on last week’s episodes a little.

This was a big week in Salem. Hope was sent to the pokey, the slammer, the can, the big house. Sami reverted to a sixteen year old after watching Nicole playing tongue hockey with Rafe and in a less than inspiring turn, Chad’s old man was revealed to be Stefano. Will asked Chad out on a date and Vivi bought a sarcophagus for Maggie. And that’s just the half of it. Let’s get out the scalpel and start dissecting.

Committing a felony.
Stephanie inserted fingers in her mouth and chomped on her cuticles in an attempt to play coy with the cute computer hacker Ian, so he’d be more amenable to committing a crime worthy of spending a little more time in the clink than Hope will. Let’s back up. Stephanie was dirty friends with Ian while she was in University and when she didn’t get the grade she wanted, he hacked into the Uni computers and changed her grades? Was I asleep during this? She’s never been this sketchy. She’s never been this interesting. But I’ll admit this does seem plausible considering her grades would have slipped some when she was raped by Ford, but I still dislike how the show seems to rewrite history every month in an attempt to get their storylines to flow.

The one happy couple?
In another strange turn, Lexi and Abe discussed being ready for another child. As you’re well aware, I can’t stomach baby storylines but must admit that these two may be the one couple strong enough and steady enough in Salem to have one. I may just be happy for them.

Oy. Salem’s only good cop will be out of commission for a few months.
In reality, it takes months sometimes to procure a court date but in Salem, anybody can receive a court date in the blink of an eye. Fancy Face pled guilty to taking down all those big strong strapping men and a few of them gave some moving testimonies. Not Arianna, who took the stand and tried to throw the book at Hope. It’s understandable considering she took the fall and her reputation was seriously effed up. Hope won’t do the two years. Frankly, I’m surprised she’s doing any, considering nobody else goes to jail in Salem for their crimes! I hope it makes for interesting story fodder. Maybe Roman will get a hold of her for some recognizance work or she’ll find out something nasty other than the usual is going on in the jail and break the story wide open. But what will happen to Bope? On the stand, Bo admitted when his wife moved out of their home to get a new perspective, he thought it was permanent so he moved on. He blamed himself but shouldn’t the doctor shoulder most of the blame for handing out bad prescriptions?