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These are the “Days” of my week for August 2-6:

The first thing we notice about this week is that the ratings are exceedingly low. It should come as no surprise but is worrisome. This week wrapped up the Nighttime Hope storyline which is great, but one wonders why there doesn’t seem to be any new storylines on the horizon. Perhaps the show is waiting for Missy Reeves (Jennifer Devereaux) to return to Salem with a big storyline. Shall we dish on what went down this week and hope for the best for the next couple of weeks?

Angry sex.
I don’t feel sorry for Brady for finding out Nicole has once again duped him. Perhaps if the story had been written without holes I’d even give a damn. Brady should have kept his nose out of Nicole’s drawers. *giggle* But seriously, it’s none of his business where she gets her money from. They’re not dating, not married and barely friends. I thought it was over the top that he’d force her to turn herself in. I also didn’t buy that the man who was in love with Arianna Hernandez five minutes ago suddenly loves Nicole and is ready to start a relationship with her. Writers. Come on! Soap fans are not stupid and they resent being treated as such. The only redeeming part of this story is the angry sex that in fact was the highlight of the week. Possibly the month. Care to share your opinion on Bricole’s angry sex in this poll? Next thing we know, Brady will be downing booze at the pub and turning into a big jackarse. Just. Because. Of. Nicole. I don’t buy it. I’d like to see Brady turn into something nasty but wish that the story that brought him there wasn’t so weak.

Maggie to Vivian: “Bite me.”
Meh. It’s not funny to me that a classy senior such as Maggie would speak out of character like this and repeat another senior’s (Victor) distasteful fifteen-year old boy dialogue. My mother is around their age and she’d never utter Lucas’ words. The dialogue on the show can be fun, but it can also be recycled way too much. In this case, it was recycled from Victor and shouldn’t have been said in the first place.

Bad parenting.
When Johnny asked his parents if they were getting married, EJ told Johnny that mommy wasn’t ready to marry daddy, thus putting a little bug in his son’s ear unintentionally, that if his mum and da-da don’t marry it’s mummy’s fault. EJ should have said. “Maybe someday,” and changed the subject. Is this foreshadowing how Johnny will one day hate Sami?