These are the “Days” of my week from August 9-13:

Happy Friday everyone! I’m on holidays swimming with the sharks, hiking up some mountain and meditating in the Alps so there will be no DOOL column for you to read from me this Friday, however, as always, invites you to read Matty’s DOOL Musings because we’re certain you’ll have a good laugh. After all, Matt and I have very similar thoughts on the goings on in Salem! I’ll see you all back here next Friday but in the meantime, please check out what Matt has to say about the show this week!

“The fallout from the madness of Hope’s confession continued to leave the townspeople confused. Justin stood around staring and wondering what to do. He said that there were no words to describe what was happening. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop everyone from talking up a storm, mostly of apologies and claims that they would never be able to forgive themselves, someone else, something else or talk about whatever it was they couldn’t talk about anymore. With Hope stuck in the waiting room of doom otherwise known as the offices of the Salem PD, her family and friends, one by one, showed up to…”

Thirsty for more? Please read the rest of Matty’s DOOL Musings on Soap Opera Fan!

Have a great weekend!

– Christine Fix