Nadia Bjorlin (Julie Kilpatrick/

Charity event provided a few interviews for fans!

It’s always fun to chat with the celebrities that portray the characters on our favorite shows, and get an inside scoop from the person that knows those character probably better than anyone else. At the recent Days Into Night Charity Event in Greenville, South Carolina, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), Eric Marisol (Brady), Galen Gering (Rafe), Shawn Christian (Daniel) and Mark Hapka (Nathan). Read below to see what each had to say about the happenings in Salem.

Any fan of the show that knows Chloe certainly notices the web of destruction she’s weaved over the past few months and it’s only a matter of time before she gets so caught up in it that she can’t get out. I remember Chloe when she first came to Salem, many years ago. She was the nerdy teen with the big eyeglasses and the “goody, goody” reputation. Her adulthood, though, has been challenged with failed marriages, affairs, her inability to conceive a child and now one lie after another.

When asked about what she thinks about Chloe’s twists and turns, Bjorlin says, “I think Chloe‘s insecurities are rooted in some things. She has a lot of trust issues and abandonment issues that are due to how she was raised as a child (foster home to foster home until she got with her parents as a young adult). The stakes are so high for her right now. Chloe has never felt this level of love before in her life, and she would do anything to hold onto it! It causes her to act desperately, but it comes from a good place. She wants everything, for once in her life, to be perfect. Unfortunately, she’s losing her head and making some bad decisions in the process. It’s those insecurities that have allowed Vivian to control her so easily. She’s suffering the consequences, and she is going to continue to suffer the consequences of this very bad decision that she has made. It’s fun to play it out and it’s not so far-fetched from reality.”

One fan even joked during the question/answer section to Bjorlin, “Doesn’t Chloe have something she needs to say to Daniel? Actually a lot of stuff she needs to tell him! I think you should just take that time right now to act it out on the stage.” Shawn made a quick response, getting Nadia off the hook, “I don’t think there’s enough time for Chloe to say all she needs to say!”

Shawn Christian had this to say when I asked him about his character Daniel and his relationship with Chloe, “Two things. First of all let me say that Daniel knows more than people thinks he knows. Secondly, he would do pretty much anything for love and the woman that he loves. So, we will see where the road takes us! Many Dr. Dan fans (myself included), wonder about Daniel’s relationship with Carly (Crystal Chappell) and what his true feelings are for her. “Well, she is my baby momma,” Shawn exclaimed. After a good laugh he stated, “You know, there’s an unwritten story there that has to unfold. Sometimes you have to see a story from end to beginning to really understand the details of it. That’s kinda what we have here. You know, we have a history that goes back to before Melanie was born.”