*gasp* Is Vivi in love? (Soaps.com)

These are the “Days” of my week from July 19-23:

There is usually one good show out of the five that airs each week. Luckily, the week started out on the right foot with the shocker of Madeline’s death and ended with a good cliffhanger. Let’s get right to it.

Madeline’s demise.
Poor Chad feels guilty about Madeline’s death and though he’s in mourning I still think the DA is a bastard for heaping the abuse on to Chad and accusing him of killing Madeline. He’s never been a great father anyway, Chad divulged before Kate alluded to Chad having another father anyway! I am guessing it’s Stefano or even Tony, considering all the chatter about ole T as of late. Though, Matt from Matt’s DOOL Musings suggested the father should be Kate, who we would learn is really a man. This was simply a nod to the campiness of old school DOOL and Passions that we miss! Do you like the idea? Beats most of the other storylines! Kudos to Casey Deidrick for making Chad so believable and kudos for an interesting storyline.

Nathan and Steph.
I doubt even living in sin will perk up these two. I’ll admit I felt something for them for a split moment when they professed their love for each other and kissed at the pub. This must mean they’ll break up soon. Whenever soaps of today show love for a fleeting moment, the romance is short-lived. Bets that they break up when Melanie learns her hubby two timed her and Nathan remembers he loves Mel, not Steph. *sigh* Bets on Steph then pulling another stunt to keep Nathan. Is it any wonder why soaps are declining? When did romance leave the soaps?

Time to die.
Kristian Alfonso rocked those scenes. My beef? I wasn’t a fan of the recycling of the Sami trying to set EJ on fire storyline.

Danloe gives me a headache.
I wanted to throw cold water on Daniel after he decided not to pursue his argument with Chloe about Father Matt’s reason for not marrying them, but then he scored a few points with me by walking out on that ditz after she flip flopped once again about their wedding date. This storyline is all kinds of played out and tiresome. How come they’re never at the beach or any other fun place? Even Madeline and Charles who nobody gives a sh…oot about, drank champers on the beach last week! Why draw things out and make fans fast forward through the monotony? Just break them up and get it over with.

Vivi’s in love?
Did you get a load of Vivian calling Victor her soulmate and moping around trying to find ways to win him over? Wonders will never cease!! Great twist.