Did you think they'd forget the candles? (Soaps.com)

These are the “Days” of my week for July 12-16:

This week the ‘evil’ theme returned in form of name-calling, we’re seeing a lot of profuse apologizing going on and most characters requested a “little chat” that seemed never-ending, and lastly, everyone and their southern Grandmother keeps referring to whistling or singing Dixie. Everyone seemed on edge which is foreshadowing secrets coming out but nothing really happened. Let’s dig deeper.

“Little Chat.”
We need to have a “little chat” about Carly, who I’d like to see snap – and snap out of this sweet and innocent persona. I’ve always seen Crystal Chappell as a powerhouse and have a desire to see her put in a role as a formidable woman – why not use her in this capacity rather than this meek and mild character with no cracks in her personality? Only the matriarch Alice Horton could get away with that and Marlena Evans to some extent because she was a Psychiatrist. Though I’m still not feeling this character, my absolute favourite scene was Hope telling Carly she’s not herself when she’s with Bo. While Dr. Who music played in the background, Carly’s eyebrow went up and her jaw dropped while Hopie moved in close to whisper this to her. How fantastically creepy!

80’s Emo Tunes.
Chloe lied to Carly about using protection with the ‘other man’. No way did either of them have condoms that fateful night and how obvious was it that Philly ‘stumbled’ upon the truth about Chloe’s pregnancy from Ellie May Clampett. I mean Melanie, who *gasp* in a surprising twist just happened to mention she’d like a little cottage with room for a baby?

Daniel’s been alternating between glowing and brooding and out of the blue ferociously bit into Chloe for hanging out with Philly too much. It didn’t seem warranted considering he gave no warnings that he was feeling jealous before now. It’s holes in the plot lines like this that make fans stop watching. After he got everything off his chest, all Danloe did was spend ten minutes apologizing to each other profusely and then used sex to dampen down their mistrust of one another.

Instead of giving Mel something more interesting to do they’ve got her back matchmaking with Bradianna whose ship sailed a long time ago. What a waste of talent and storyline.

Laughing Penguin.
How predictable was it that Rafe showed up to be Sami’s shining white Knight when Johnny lost his Laughing Penguin? I would rather see the romance blossom on its own but instead it comes off as structured as a poorly choreographed dance move. On the opposite side, the second great scene of the week was on the pier with Nicole and EJ, whose eyes nearly bugged out of his head as he sweated, stammered, stuttered and shook violently when Nic Nic played the recording of his admission of guilt. He was a man unhinged. He’s always unglued. He’s so obsessed with Sami not learning the truth that he even went off on innocent little Johnny.