Caroline....snarky? (

These are the “Days” of my week for July 5-9:

There was a lot of discussion about evilness and the devil this week. We also saw a lot happening around the beach such as fist fights, the drinking of orange juice, self-talk, Chex Mix eatin’ and lullaby singing. Salem hasn’t been doing a lot for me these days but Nicole sure turned the week around by sharing with EJ her new found knowledge that he’s the Sydnapper. That was the highlight of the week. Let’s discuss…

Pied Piper:
Even though a confused Sami denied having feelings for EJ she strung him along some more by having family day at the beach. Apparently to Sami, Caroline’s not just good for babysitting but she can make up a mean picnic basket. Course, she has learned that Mary’s also great at babysitting on “family day.” Mary came in handy while Sami figured out a surefire way to get EJ’s shirt off at the beach. Once again, she blushed and panted around him. Maybe she was just having a hot flash. How annoying was it that she once again turned her kid Will into her confidante and discussed her feelings for Rafe?

At the same time, across town, it was dark and Lexi and Abe seethed as the Pied Piper gave Theo what they deemed an expensive toy sailboat as a gift. I saw no problem with that and got the impression that Mayor Abe and Doctor Lexi seemed to act as though they are living off meager salaries. Salem must be expensive living.

Rocky Road:
Carly and Melanie bonded over Rocky Road ice cream while they gossiped like teenagers about Melanie’s father. Melanie threatened to kill Chloe once again – if she hurt her da-da. A little over the top or is this constant threat foreshadowing? I thought it was cute that Melanie bought that really costly baby book of ‘firsts’ for ever-grinning Daniel and the cute “I’m a big sister” t-shirt that Philly just happened across…

Knocked up Elvira and Dr. Daniel had sex with the prerequisite candles glowing on the table at the end of the bed. Worst line went to Daniel when he asked if she wanted pickles and ice cream for dinner. The “insipid wimp with very large breasts” finally clued in that Vivian manipulated her but the scene where Chloe’s supposed to convey shock and anger wasn’t very convincing. I don’t know who Carly is, really, but she keeps working that saint angle and after realizing the reason Vivian set up Chloe, she decided to keep her yap shut about the baby until they could do a DNA test. Highlight was learning about Daniel’s history. That was a long time coming. So was Kate and Daniel’s chat regarding her attempted murder of his fiancée.