If you saw the first elimination on Season 4’s I Wanna Be A Soap Star and were put off by Patricia’s exit interview, you’re not alone. Describing it as arrogant, Patricia stated, “I got online and I saw my interview after I was eliminated and I was just not happy with that. I just seemed like a totally different person.”

Understandably upset after just being “killed off” from a show she was hoping would lead to a full time acting gig, Patricia felt “shot down and stunned and in disbelief.” So when the camera was suddenly shoved in her face immediately after being let go, “I guess my pride got in the way. I was trying to be this tough person, not letting it affect me; not letting it show. In actuality, I was dying inside. I just wanted to go in a hole and cry (laughs)!”

But even though her dream of winning a contract role on Days of Our Lives didn’t come to fruition, Patricia couldn’t have been more upbeat, appreciative and thankful that she got a chance to be on the show. When we spoke about her brief time on Soap Star, Patricia had nothing but wonderful things to say about the show and her co-stars. “It was a great experience. I was just thankful to be chosen and to be part of it very much. I learned a lot,” Patricia enthused.

A great experience while it lasted, it obviously stung to be sent packing. As Patricia recalled, “I felt seriously like it was the end. It was the end of my career; it was the end of my everything-my dreams. But it’s not. It’s only the beginning. You have to keep going, keep pressing on and know that there’s something else out there.”

And that something else includes being featured in the 2008 calendar for Mothers in Life, Passion and Health and a photo shoot for the clothing line Island Pink. In addition, Patricia has been auditioning for primetime shows such as Las Vegas, Viva Laughlin and CSI.

After being on Soap Star, Patricia started to rethink how to tackle such auditions. “It helped me realize a lot as far as the craft goes. Whenever I go on auditions, I’m gonna know [to] just be free with it, don’t worry about the lines, be natural, be yourself, relax, go with the flow, be a good listener and do my best really,” Patricia explained.

This is a lesson she learned after one particular statement made by judge and Days of Our Lives head writer Hogan Sheffer. After telling her the script “is my words”, Patricia couldn’t get that exchange out of her head. She recalled, “That’s all I thought about, ‘Oh my gosh these are his lines, these are his words, they have to be perfect.’ I sabotaged it for myself. I really did.”

So was acting coach Eric Stuart correct when he observed that Patricia “beat [herself] up a lot?” Apparently so, as Patricia concurred, “I do beat myself up. I get frustrated with myself because I have very high expectations of myself. I wanted to do well; I wanted to succeed. So I guess that kinda came out when we were rehearsing.”

Her final scene also included learning a new accent, but that was one aspect she relished. “It was fun. The accent was difficult, but Robert Easton [dialect coach] broke it down, he had a chalkboard and everything and he was writing down the different vowels and consonants and how they can be converted into different sounds. We were able to learn and take notes and practice…and the more you practiced the better you got. I loved. It,” Patricia beamed.

After mastering the accent, Patricia and the rest of the cast were thrown into a scene with Thaao Penghlis (Tony, Days). Meeting and working with the legendary soap actor was another highlight of Patricia’s Soap Star experience. “Oh my gosh! Thaao is phenomenal. He’s such a talented actor. When I did the scene with him, we were connected. I mean we forgot about the cameras, we forgot about everything and it was just Boom! We were focused on the scene, focused on each other.” Patricia gushed.

Clearly enamored with the actor, Patricia continued, “He was a professional and working with him was euphoric. I loved every minute of it. He shook my hand and he gave me a hug and all he said was good things to me.”

It should come as no surprise to soap fans that Mr. Penghlis is such a generous actor, but what did Patricia think of the rest of her castmates? Apparently her fellow actors were just one more reason she was so bummed about leaving the show. “Everyone is so talented and the personalities were great, easy to get along with. They were so fun and I hated to leave because I was just starting to get to know everyone.”

With the cast essentially being put in isolation, the Soap Star hopefuls quickly formed easy friendships. “It was such a bonding experience. Only the ten of us knew what was going on. We couldn’t communicate with the outside world and so we had to rely on each other for support, for words of encouragement. And we all understood what each other were going through. We bonded instantly. As soon as we all looked at each other, we were all like ‘Yes! This is going to be great.'”

While she obviously couldn’t give out any info on who makes it to the finals, she wouldn’t even say who she thought should win, “I really can’t say too much because I don’t want to get in trouble.” But Patricia did let me know that she has kept in contact with Monica, Joyce and Corey and that she will be back for the live finale to support her former Soap Star castmates.

Even though things didn’t work out the way she had planned, Patricia clearly has no hard feelings, telling me, “It was a great experience and I would do it all over again.”

I would like to thank Patricia for talking with Soaps.com and wish her well in her future acting career.

Lori Wilson