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Highlights for “DOOL” in the 1980s

Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) gave birth to son DJ with Don Craig (Jed Allen), but the child died from SIDS, which led to the couple’s divorce. Jake Kositchek (Renee Lamart, Jack Coleman) came work at his brother Chris’ (Josh Taylor) health club, which Chris opened with Joshua Fallon (Steven Brooks, Scott Palmer). Joshua dated Jessica Blake (Jean Bruce Scott), who turned out to be Marie Horton’s (Marie Cheatham) daughter with Alex Marshall (Quinn Redeker). Marie had given her up years before to become a nun. Jessica adored her father, but hated her mother. This led to her developing multiple personalities, one being a hooker named Angel, who fell for Jake. Jake was driven mad by his involvement with Angel, and became the Salem Strangler. He murdered Marlena’s twin Andrea, thinking she was Marlena and eventually held Marlena hostage at Don Craig’s cabin until Salem Police Captain Roman Brady (Wayne Northrop, Robert Poynton), a former agent in the ISA (Internal Security Alliance), saved her and killed Jake. Marlena and Roman became an item. After Jessica married Joshua Fallon, they left Salem. Singer Liz Chandler (Gloria Loring) came to town fell for Dr. Neil Curtis (Joseph Gallison). To her surprise she was still married to Tony DiMera (Thaao Penghlis), who soon arrived to reclaim her.

Tony’s father Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) joined his son and together forced Liz to take part in their illegal operations by threatening Neil’s life. Liz gave birth to Neil’s child, Noel, whom Tony thought was originally his. By the time Tony let Liz go to be with Neil, Neil had moved on with Marie Horton. Liz was furious and tried to win Neil back by sneaking into his place and seducing him. She was later sent to jail for accidentally shooting Marie, who she mistook for a burglar. Marie recovered from the shooting and left Salem. Liz, who was released, also left town as her singing career took off. Roman’s missing wife Anna (Leann Hunley) returned and caused some issues for Roman and Marlena, and when she couldn’t get him back she granted him a divorce. He took custody of their daughter Carrie (Andrea Barber, Christie Clarke), married Marlena and they bore twins in Samantha Gene (Ronit Arnoff, Lauren Ann Bundy, Jessica Davis, Tiffany Nicole Palma, and then Ashleigh Blair Sterling) and Eric (Rory Beauregard, Jesse Davis, Edward Palma, Bradley Hallock). After Roman brought Stefano’s organization down, Stefano plotted revenge and brought his nephew Andre, who had plastic surgery to look exactly like Tony, to town, and together they framed Roman for the Salem Slasher murders that Andre committed. Tony had at that time been married Roman’s ex-wife Anna. Andre had Tony imprisoned so he could masquerade as Tony. Once Roman freed Tony, Andre escaped and was presumed dead. Roman’s parents Shawn (Frank Parker, Lew Brown) and Caroline Brady (Peggy McKay) arrived in Salem and opened a fish market. They were followed by their other children, Kimberly (Patsy Pease), Kayla (Catherine Mary Stuart, Mary Beth Evans) and Bo (Peter Reckell). Teenaged Hope Williams (Kristian Alfonso) returned from boarding school and began seeing Bo secretly. Her father Doug Williams (Bill Hayes) was against this, and Hope broke things off after Doug suffered a heart attack when he walked in on them during a private moment. She was later blackmailed into marrying Salem’s crooked DA Larry Welch (Andrew Masse), until he went to jail for his crimes. Meanwhile, Stefano returned from the dead with an inoperable brain tumor and plotted to steal three prisms that could heal him, one of them being in his ex-wife Daphne DiMera’s (Madlyn Rhue) possession. Calliope Jones (Arleen Sorkin) arrived in Salem and worked in clothing design. She owned a necklace, previously owned by Daphne, which she didn’t realize, housed one of the three prisms. Stefano and Andre lured Bo, Hope, Tony, Anna, Daphne and others to a deserted island to steal the prisms from them. Andre caused the plane to crash, which led to the death of Daphne. Tony fought Andre to avenge his mother’s death, and Andre “drowned” in quicksand. Roman tracked his family to the island and battled Stefano on a cliff top. Bo watched as his brother fell to the beach below and “died.” Roman’s body went missing, while Stefano once again vanished. Tony and Anna’s marriage dissolved not long after, and both left Salem. Bo was left devastated after Roman’s death, while Hope enrolled in the police academy and became a cop. Shane Donovan (Charles Shaughnessy) was an ISA agent who came to Salem and fell in love with Kimberly Brady. They, along with Bo and Hope, went to England to capture an international terrorist known as The Dragon (Lawrence Trimble). For their help, the queen gave Bo and Hope a royal wedding. Later, Crime lord Victor Kiriakis (John Anniston) hit Salem and brought Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols), an old friend of Bo’s, to town as a henchmen to help him find a treasure that Bo’s sister Kimberly unknowingly had the map to. Victor ended up taking Shane prisoner and forced Kimberly to sleep with him to spare Shane’s life.  Kimberly became pregnant and the child’s parentage was questioned, but later, she gave birth to Andrew, who turned out to be Shane’s. The couple married. It was around this time when Calliope and Eugene Bradford (John de Lancie) married, after jumping through hoops with Eugene’s issues with his inheritance. Kimberly soon befriended a troubled young prostitute named Eve Barron (Charlotte Ross), who was working for a local pimp named Nick Corelli (George Jensky). Eve turned out to be Shane’s long lost daughter by his former ISA partner Gabriel Pascal (Karen Moncrieff). Eve and Kimberly had a tense relationship for years, as Eve believed Kimberly came between her parents. Eve struggled in high school when news of her prostitution was revealed. She came close to suicide.

Bill Horton (Edward Mallory, Christopher Stone) committed his wife Laura (Rosemary Forsyth) and left his young daughter Jennifer in the care of Alice and Tom. Jennifer (Melissa Brennan Reeves) grew to become a rambunctious teen, so her brother Dr. Mike Horton (Michael T. Weiss) returned to help look after her. Jennifer began a romance with Frankie Brady (Billy Warlock), who along with his brother Max, (Adrian Arnold, Ryan Brennan) were adopted by Shawn and Caroline. Eve also fell for Frankie, and was a constant rival of Jen’s for his attention. When Frankie left town, Jen began dating gang member Emilio Ramirez (Billy Hufsey). Marlena took on amnesiac John Black AKA The Pawn (Robert Poynton, Drake Hogestyn), who was recovering from extensive facial reconstructive surgery. She attempted to help regain his memory and in the interim they fell in love. Marlena noticed a tattoo of the phoenix on his back that suggested John was actually Stefano. During a wilderness sojourn, Marlena found photographs that confirmed that John was actually Roman. Stefano retrieved Roman’s body from the beach and brainwashed him, then altered his facial features. Once Roman regained his memories, the couple renewed their vows. Later, Marlena was kidnapped for revenge by a man called Orpheus (George DelHoyo), whose wife was accidentally killed by Roman on an assignment. The plane they were on crashed and Marlena was presumed dead. After the birth of Bo and Hope’s son Shawn-Douglas Brady, Bo bought a boat he named “The Fancy Face” and he and Hope left to sail around the world, mainly to get away from Victor, who had been revealed to be Bo’s biological father from an affair years earlier with Caroline. Kayla Brady set up a clinic on the Riverfront where she met and fell for Steve Johnson. Kayla was rooming with Adrienne Johnson (Judi Evans), who Steve came to discover was his sister and that he had been put into foster care as a child by their mother Josephine (Joy Garrett) to protect him from their abusive father Duke (James Luisi). Adrienne eventually killed Duke when he became drunk and tried to rape her. Senator Harper Deveraux, his wife Angelica (Jane Elliot, Shelley Taylor Morgan, Judith Chapman) and their son Jack (Joseph Adams, James Acheson, Matthew Ashford) came to town to have Jack’s Hodgkin’s disease treated at the hospital. Harper hired Kayla to be his nurse, and Jack fell for her. Steve backed away and learned Jack was his younger brother Billy, who was also given up by his mother as a child. When Jack found out Kayla and Steve were in love, he became enraged and raped Kayla. Kayla left Jack, who used his father’s connections to skirt the charges. Victor’s nephew Justin Kiriakis (Wally Kurth) came to Salem after his parent’s death and married Adrienne Johnson. Infertility issues caused tension between them, as did Victor’s disapproval of Adrienne. Justin had an affair with Angelica Devereux, which resulted in their son Alexander. Angelica eventually turned the boy over to Justin before leaving town. Adrienne meanwhile romanced Emilio the stable boy. Justin and Adrienne eventually made their marriage work and had their own children.

A killer dubbed The Riverfront Knifer soon began killing young women on the wharf. He attacked Eve Donovan, leaving her with a scar across her face, as well as Kayla Brady, which resulted in her temporarily going deaf and mute. Kimberly Donovan went undercover as a prostitute to catch him, but it was also attacked and lost the child she was carrying. Harper Devereux turned out to be the killer and was sent to prison. Steve and Kayla finally married, and thanks to surgery she was able to hear and speak at their wedding. They honeymooned in the Orient, where they came across a young deaf boy named Benji (Darrell Utley), whom they brought home. Diana Colville (Genie Francis) came to Salem to avenge her fiancé’s death, which Victor was responsible for. Diana was forced to move in with Roman for protection from Victor, and the two fell in love. Roman and Diana’s relationship turned rocky when he began having strange visions of being trained as a killer by a man named Orion (Sandy Kevin), and was sent clues that Marlena may still be alive. When Roman’s daughter Carrie was kidnapped; Roman, Diana, Steve and Kayla found themselves lured to a mysterious island where Stefano awaited them. Stefano attempted to brainwash Roman back as his pawn and ordered him to kill the Bradys, but Diana was able to break the trance. Roman learned that Orion had trained him to be a killer, and that he was Benji’s grandfather. During Roman’s training, an accident left Benji – Stefano’s son – deaf. Stefano blamed Roman and Orion took Benji to live in safety after Stefano was believed to once again be dead. Diana and John became engaged but her dead husband Cal Winters (Worther Kramer) crashed their wedding. One night when Cal and Roman fought, Diana shot at Cal but hit Roman, who fell into a brief coma. She lost the memory which was recovered with Kimberly’s help. Diana, who was running The Spectator with her partner Jack, sold him her half of the paper and quietly left Salam, ashamed. After graduating high school, Jennifer Horton began a job at the Spectator and soon fell for Jack. Mike Horton became involved with fellow doctor Robin Jacobs (Derya Ruggles). However Robin couldn’t overlook that Mike was not Jewish and moved to Israel. Mike soon became involved with Nurse April Ramirez (Lisa Howard) but Robin returned with Jeremy, Michael’s son he never knew. April pushed into Robin’s arms again and married Nick Corelli. Mike left town and later reconnected with Robin and Jeremy in Israel. Steve joined the ISA and began investigating an arsonist who had a history of burning down black churches. He teamed up with Shane on the case, but the arsonist turned out to be Shane’ former ISA friend Colonel Jericho (Steve Eastin). The two fought on top of the cliffs outside of Salem, and both fell to their deaths. Shane, however, survived and ended up with amnesia, unknown to his friends and family.

Photo credit: Gary Null/NBC Photo Bank

– Dustin Cushman/Christine Fix