DAYS Xander/Sarah mashup looking at each other
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It looks like Xander may soon have more on his plate to worry about than the ghost of Susan Banks! According to spoilers for next week, on May 30, Linsey Godfrey is bringing Sarah back and Kyle Lowder’s Rex along with her! Well, they’re technically still in Chicago, but when Bonnie goes to visit Rex, she’ll find a very pregnant Sarah with him.

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Granted, while the truth of her pregnancy will likely get out after this (does anyone see Bonnie not spreading the news?), that doesn’t mean the identity of the baby’s father will. After all, Sarah’s been off with Rex for months and they did have that quickie before heading out. It wouldn’t be difficult to just tell everyone that he’s the father.

At the hospital, Xander stands in the doorway of an exam room. Inside, Rex knits his brow as he looks at Sarah, who sits on the exam table.

The question is, what’s Sarah going to do? She ran off without a word to Xander about his kid, which doesn’t bode well for telling him the truth, but maybe in the months since, she’s mellowed out a bit towards her former husband.

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But no matter what, once Xander finds out, he would be crazy not to suspect that the baby could be his. And that should be interesting, seeing as how he and his new roomie Chloe are growing closer and he’s still butting heads with another of his exes, Gwen, at the paper!

Right now, there’s no word on how long Godfrey or Lowder will be sticking around, but with Sarah as pregnant as she is, this story is far from over!

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