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We have a feeling Salem’s going to be going through a glut of lawsuits in the coming months with the news that Days of Our Lives‘ Jessica Serfaty is now on contract as Sloan!

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Per Jason47 on Facebook, the actress was upped from recurring to series regular as of Monday, May 22, when she showed up in the credits for the first time. It makes sense as she’s appeared in more front-burner stories, from her triangle to her brother’s villainous arrival in town, which came to a nearly deadly head earlier in the week.

Though she started out as seemingly little more than an ambulance chasing vixen with an acid tongue, Sloan’s proven to be surprisingly deep and likeable — especially if you’re Eric! The rest of Salem has yet to warm up to her. The snide remarks and sleazy legal tactics may not help, but if Eric could get through to Belle to give her a chance, there’s hope for the rest of the town — except for Nicole.

Outside the Pub, Nicole clasps Sloan's raised wrist and leans backward. A gaping Eric watches.

Those two have rapidly developed into nemeses and now reluctant co-conspirators as Sloan’s one of the only other people to know that Nicole’s pregnant and not sure of who the father is. And that means big story for the both of them, which will be handy once all this Colin business is behind us!

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Of course, that pregnancy secret could not just blow up in Nicole’s face, but also Sloan’s, seeing as how Eric’s harping on not keeping things from each other anymore and she’s, well, doing just that. No matter what happens with Eric, though, it’s good to know Sloan’s still going to be sticking around. Without Sami, someone has to keep Nicole on her toes!

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