Days Dimitri and Megan upset mashup
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We have to hand it to them: Days of Our Lives’ Dimitri and Megan have come up with a pretty decent plan. They managed to kidnap one of the only people who could win their freedom. That is, of course, if Shane plays ball. And if Andrew isn’t rescued first. And that last idea is looking a bit more likely now…

Paul is headed back to Salem once again — or maybe we should say Salem is headed out to Paul — on Wednesday May 24, according to Soap Opera Digest‘s latest issue.

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It looks like John is going to head out to visit his son in San Francisco after receiving that panicked call that Andrew was missing. By then, of course, word will have gotten around that he’s in Dimitri’s clutches, and while we’re sure Shane will be bending every resource at his disposal to get his own son back, somehow, we don’t see that being enough for Paul.

Paul and andrew talking days peacock

“Now hear me out. What do you think of trying a little romance sometime when it’s not a life or death situation?”

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He just got back together with Andrew — we can’t imagine the thought of losing him again is going to sit well! With his dad by his side, it may be time for Paul to get back into the private eye field and rescue Andrew himself.

After all, the father and son investigators have tangled with Yo Ling and Paul’s taken a bullet meant for his father from Orpheus. Dimitri’s jewel-thieving/kidnapping shenanigans feel pretty darn tame compared with deadly toxins and a mass bombing.

In short, Dimitri may have thought he was holding the perfect hostage, but he may soon be learning that he made a grave tactical error.

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