Lauren Koslow as Kate Roberts on Days of Our Lives
Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

Ever since Bo supposedly shot Kate on Days of Our Lives, fans have been wondering what the heck happened. The show itself has been decidedly cagey about the whole incident. Everyone keeps insisting she’s dead, but it happened off-screen and no one on the show has mentioned anything about a body or, you know, any proof. Plus, as bad as Bo’s been pretending to be, when push has come to shove, he just hasn’t been able to do actual harm to anyone, whether that’s Steve, Kayla, Hope or even Harris.

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So why would Kate be the only one he killed? Well, while she’s been gone, Lauren Koslow has been happily posting away on Instagram with absolutely no indication she was going anywhere. And when a fan asked if she was actually dead on a classic photo the actress shared, Koslow told her to “Stay tuned! She’ll be baaaaaack!”

So where is Kate? And when is she returning?

There may just have been a hint when Koslow shared a classic Kate and Roman clip on Instagram of the two just before their first wedding. It’s a sweet memory, soured just a bit by knowing that Roman would soon be “dead” at the hands of the Salem Stalker. Except not really. That was just during one of Days of Our Lives‘ crazier storylines, the Melaswen saga. He turned up alive on an island months later and the two eventually reunited.

Now, Kate died after their second wedding during a crazy story (then died again), so is she going to turn up on an island as well?

Fan Debi Harvey cut right to the chase and asked when Kate’s “returning from the dead. We miss you and so does Roman!” Well, clearly! As Koslow put it, “I know, right?!”

And then viewer Laurie Kivel replied that she’s “Looking forward to Kate coming back! Hopefully, she’s out on a boat chopping up fish again!” Longtime viewers remember of course, that time Vivian had her kidnapped and put her on a boat cleaning fish. (Clearly, that little incident didn’t impart much humility on Kate.) Koslow’s response was just an “lol” and a fish emoji.

All this Bo drama was happening out on Greek islands, so why wouldn’t she end up on a boat? Plus, remember how we got word that Louise Sorel was back on set shooting and Vivian is returning? There’s nothing to say she isn’t somehow all mixed up in this! Then again, putting Kate on a boat again seems cruel even for her.

One thing we do know, as Koslow said, Kate will be baaack! And with everyone else finally back together, Kate and Roman are definitely overdue for their own reunion!

Hopefully, their reunion goes better than Bo and Hope’s, whose love story you can trace in their photo gallery.