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Well, what do you know? There’s a Newman heading to Days of Our Lives! OK, fine, it’s not exactly what daytime devotees may be thinking because we’re not talking someone from The Young & Restless‘ first family. Instead, according to Soap Opera Digest‘s latest issue, newcomer Jasper Newman is joining Days of Our Lives as Colin on Thursday, April 27. There’s no last name given and virtually no information about his role as of yet, but the actor was onset to celebrate the show’s 57th anniversary.

Raven Bowens, Paul Telfer, Jasper Newman behind the scenes for Days' 58th anniversary

Meet newcomer Jasper Newman (on the right, just in case you forgot who Paul Telfer was).

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

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Newman is, of course, completely new to us, but does he already have a connection in Salem? Most folks who stop by do, one way or another. And it is definitely curious to note that Newman originally hails from London — which is where Sloan’s family was back when Chanel had an affair with her professor and Sloan’s dad, Dr. Nathan Bedford! That, of course, doesn’t mean that Newman will be playing an English character, let alone a Londoner, but ever since Sloan dropped the fact that she has a brother out there, there’s been speculation for some time that we’d meet him.

After all, as far as we know, he’s her only other family member left (unless mom or dad returns from the dead). Though Sloan debuted as a villain, the show’s given her surprising depth and now that she’s decided she wants to be in an actual relationship with Eric, fleshing out her backstory with family could add to that. Or complicate it…

Plus, she could do with another ally in town besides Eric! Everyone else mostly just hates her. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long to find out!

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