Days Harris sitting looking sad in prison Steve Burton
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Ever since we learned that Bo and Hope would be getting a proper return on Days of Our Lives, we were treated to a slew of returns from Megan to “Cin” to Harris Michaels. Figuring out who would just be returning to finish the Beyond Salem story and who might be sticking around, though, was tricky.

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We had a feeling “Bope” may not be long for Salem this go around, but it’s still been nice to have them return to Days of Our Lives‘ proper. “Cin” was another couple that didn’t seem to have much staying power, seeing as how Robert Scott Wilson is already playing Alex on the show and having him and Ben run around might be a bit difficult.

In a dark, brick walled room, Hope cocks a brow at Harris. Wearing a tight white t-shirt, he stares ahead with a clenched jaw. Tattoos over the inside of his forearm.

It had seemed like Harris might be sticking around for a little while, but how long was the question — and it’s one Steve Burton himself answered in the most recent issue of Soap Opera Digest.

The decision was made to continue Harris, Megan, Bo and Hope’s story on the main show, rather than Beyond Salem and once that happened, Burton signed a one-year contract with the show.

“I don’t want to say it was an easy decision,” he admits, but it was one he may not have made before. “I have businesses I’m growing that are doing well. I’m doing what I love to do, coaching people. And I’ve got my kids. So my life was great; I have all this stuff going on.” Just doing a short stint on Beyond Salem: Chapter 2 worked out at the time. Now, though, he’s more open to the thought of sticking around.

“I do love to act and how this came about was great,” he says. “So I was like, ‘Yeah, sure. I’ll come back.’ When you’re in the business 36 years and people are still calling? I’m super grateful.”

As for what’s ahead for Harris, the sky’s the limit. With “Bope” leaving soon, it seems pretty clear that Harris is going to lose out on a connection with Hope. But this is Salem, so never say never! In his original run, Harris’ only real connection was to Eve, but with her gone for a few years now, there’s really no one who has to tie him in any one direction.

All that is clear is that we’ve got a year to find out where he’s going!

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