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Great news fans, Louise Sorel is back on the set of Days of Our Lives shooting scenes as Vivian. The daytime legend recently sat down with Harvey Brownstone and revealed that she first returned to the studio on Friday, March 17.

When asked what it was like being back, the actress admitted that it was difficult, due to the rules surrounding COVID. “I was in shock,” she stated then recalled how people have to be tested before they even in get into the building. Once cleared, after sitting alone in your dressing room, “which could be two hours,” they shoot “twice as fast as they ever did.”

Having been away for three years, Sorel revealed, “I felt god-awful.” In fact, she found herself apologizing left and right because they were loading her up with dialogue and “it’s been a while.”

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Not only was it hard for her, it’s harder now for all of the actors and the crew. “It’s just, ‘get it done, get it done’,” she stated while not blaming anyone because that’s just “the way it is” now, “it’s hard.”

Listen to the full interview below and find out whether or not Sorel believes that soap opera stars get the respect they deserve within the industry in Hollywood versus New York, plus hear more about the actress and her past in the business, including what she was wearing the first day she met Dame Judith Anderson on the set of Santa Barbara.

Though we did hear from Vivian back in January, when she placed a call to Stefan, as for what’s in store for Salem upon her most recent return… well, you’ll just have to wait and see!

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