LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 12: Linsey Godfrey Sarah days getty
Credit: JC Olivera/Getty Images

It looks like Linsey Godfrey’s time on Days of Our Lives has, indeed, come to an end once again with Sarah hightailing it to Chicago to take a job with Rex. The decision caught us all by surprise, especially seeing as how we learned that she was pregnant with Xander’s child, and their divorce hadn’t gone through after all on the same day.

In a hospital room, Sarah wears street clothes as she sits on an exam table. Her shoulders hunch and her eyebrows raise. Rex looks at her with a knit brow.

But, according to the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Godfrey has, indeed exited. Maybe the writing should have been on the wall when her divorce with Xander was finalized offscreen after she left. But the fact remains that Sarah is supposedly going to have her and Xander’s baby at some point and that’s a huge plot point to leave dangling without resolution. It’s also a huge spoiler in the event that Xander and Gwen ever get back together. (Though at the moment, that’s looking more and more remote.)

In short, it seems all-but-certain that Sarah will return at some point. This isn’t, after all, Godfrey’s first break from the show. The last time, Kristen kidnapped Sarah just before her wedding to Xander and faked their breakup. It seems par for the course that she’d exit again just before another life-changing event with her ex-hubby!

Sarah sits teary-eyed in front of Xander at the motel.

Plus, that last hiatus nearly led to a Xander and Gwen wedding only for it to implode in spectacular fashion as all of the bride’s secrets came to light. Sarah returning with a baby in tow might be just the thing to send the next (probable) wedding crashing down.

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