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There’s no beating around the bush on this one: “Cin” is coming back —  and the timing couldn’t be better! When last we saw Ben and Ciara, the two were attending Hope’s sham of a wedding on Beyond Salem: Chapter 2, trying to stop Harris and Megan from enacting their devious plans. They failed, but it turns out that was for the best, because it meant Megan could revive Bo!

“Cin,” though, had already sailed out of Salem with little Bo after that whole “the devil wants our baby” stuff, so they were by then gone from Days of Our Lives itself. And while Victoria Konefal took a bit of a break, Robert Scott Wilson made his way back to Salem shortly after to play hopeless romantic womanizer, Alex Kiriakis.

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“Is that Ciara helicoptering back into Salem?”

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Now, of course, both Bo and Hope are making their way back from Beyond Salem and onto Days of Our Lives, starting March 16, so it makes sense that, according to the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, both Ben and Ciara will be returning for the big storyline itself!

After all, Bo’s coming back after years of being dead. Naturally his daughter, her husband and his namesake grandson would want to be there for the big return! We don’t have details of their exact return date or how long they’ll stick around, but this storyline has been building for months so it could end up being a decent chunk of time!

Ben wraps his arms around Ciara on the couch, as she holds the baby, wrapped in blankets.

“I can’t wait for Bo to meet Bo.”

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For those worrying about Alex’s fate, don’t worry, there’s no indication he’s going anywhere. He and Ben aren’t twins nor do they supposedly look enough alike for anyone to have noticed, so the show can just keep them out of each other’s path and no one would be any-the-wiser.

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