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This moment has been a long time coming for Days of Our Lives fans. Though Bo and Hope’s return was announced back in the fall, we’ve really been waiting for it ever since their appearance together on Beyond Salem: Chapter 2 this past summer. Then, just last month, the show began counting down to Bo and Hope’s return all month, with their official date set on March 16.

And now that the moment is almost here, it looks, according to spoilers, like that will just be the start — because we have a feeling that it may be a bit before they’re reunited on our screens!

Though Bo isn’t mentioned in spoilers by name, we know that the big return begins on the 16th, so it seems certain he’ll pop up before Marlena and Kayla catch a “familiar face” on the 17th. After all, they’re all being held in pods by Megan Hathaway, so it’s just been a matter of time before they run into each other!

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“Oh, Steve, John, hey. Took you long enough. Want to give me a hand busting some bad guys?”

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Hope, though, isn’t one of Megan’s prisoners, so when we first see her on the 17th, it’ll be during a run-in with Steve and John — just as the show’s winter preview teased months ago!

That trio’s encounter will be just after Steve and John pay a visit to Andrew and Paul, but will they have tracked down Hope themselves, or is she doing a little investigating of her own that puts her in their path? Has word gotten to her that Bo is alive after all, or will the ladies that Megan’s holding hostage be the only ones who know when he finally returns to the land of the living?

We’ve got so many questions that we’re just about bursting at the seams with them, but we suppose about all we can do right now is wait and see how it all pans out!

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