At the mansion, Gabi wears a red spaghetti strap dress, as she smolders with Stefan, in an open collar suit. Her hands rest on his chest and their foreheads touch.
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Chloe has been off the canvas for a bit on Days of Our Lives but for fans who have wondered when she’ll be making her way back to Salem, we have some news for you… As listed in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Nadia Bjorlin will be resurfacing in town on Tuesday, February 28, and there’s no telling what this will mean for Gabi, Stefan and Brady.

However, given that Chloe has real feelings for both Brady and Stefan, who she slept with, things could turn very complicated very quickly — especially if she ends up pregnant with Stefan’s baby.

A downcast Chloe wears a robe while sitting on her Miami hotel bed. Wearing a t-shirt and boxer briefs, a compassionate looking Stefan rests his hand on her arm.

While Rolf may be trying to do a half-assed deprogramming of Stefan, there’s no telling if it’ll work this time around. However, could you image if it did and Stefan and Gabi were finally reunited, with Stefan in love with only her, only to have Chloe return pregnant with his baby? Yep, that’s pure soapy goodness right there but simply speculation at the moment.

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This is a soap, after all, and while many have been rooting for a happily ever after for “Stabi,” we all know that’s not how things usually pan out — not without some long, drawn-out drama that finally puts an end to the madness on the road to finding the gold at the end of the rainbow. And, this is Days of Our Lives we are talking out, where devils room free and women wander around — alive — in the great beyond so…

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