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And the mystery man heading to Salem is…

It looks like Days of Our Lives may soon be getting a new scheme team! Well, maybe we should just say a newer scheme team. Gwen and Leo have been trouble ever since they reconnected in Salem just before “Gwennie’s” non-wedding to Xander. Lately, though, this duo has become a bit more of a trio, with Gwen and Xander teaming up to swipe The Spectator from Jack and (reluctantly on Xander’s part) bringing Leo along for the ride.

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Now, though, it looks like there may be a new man playing third to “Gwennie” and “Matty” — and Greg Rikaart took to Instagram to introduce him! Er, sort of.

“‘Gweo’ becomes ‘Gw_ _ _ _ _eo,'” Rikaart wrote mysteriously. “Soon enough. Stay tuned.”

And accompanying the caption was, well, see below.

The question is… who’s the peach? Is it someone new to the show? Someone new to Gwen and Leo? Or is it someone altogether less mysterious? The fans sure have plenty of theories!

A few fans mentioned folks currently on the canvas — Xander, Sonny and, atlantaoma2 suggested, “Is that Brady with y’all? I recognize his arms!”

Maybe… A number of fans mentioned the nice arms, though, and, well, there are quite a few Salem men (and potential Salem men) with some pretty darn strong arms!

In fact, two legacy characters — both of whom were last seen over on Beyond Salem: Chapter 2 — got a shout out who would fit the bill.

Bre L. Drew suggested Colton Little’s Andrew Donovan, while David C. Dixon was hoping for Christopher Sean’s return as Paul. Though figuring out a reason why these two good guys would mix it up with schemers like Gwen and Leo is a bit trickier.

One of the most popular theories that does fit a bit better, though, is Jordi Vilasuso’s Dario! Rafe and Gabi’s brother was last seen heading to witness protection after turning on his counterfeiting partner, stealing from DiMera Enterprises and trying to blackmail Abby to go with him. Among other things. If anyone would make a good schemer with Gwen and Leo, it would be him! And it would drive Rafe absolutely crazy.

But when Young & Restless‘ Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) replied with, “I’m so jealous,” that set off a whole new line of thinking. Is it someone they all know from Genoa City? Rikaart still makes his way over there from time to time as Kevin and O’Brien spent a few years over there herself. Vilasuso would fit that bill.

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Or maybe it’s someone Stafford knows from her time as General Hospital‘s Nina. Maybe… it’s both?

“I almost want to say Harris,” Shannon Shedrick suggested, “but I’m seeing no connection between the characters. Not that that matters in Salem.”

Oh? Harris Michaels, played by Steve Burton, formerly General Hospital‘s Jason and Young & Restless‘ Dylan? That Harris? Well, that certainly fits the Stafford theory. And we know he is heading to Days of Our Lives.

But whoever it is, as Rikaart said, we’ll just have to stay tuned to find out!

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