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Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Back when Days of Our Lives needed to fill out the Salem PD a bit more, they decided to turn to a familiar face to get the job done. Or rather, they decided to turn to the daughter of a familiar face when they brought in Elia Cantu to play Marcus Hunter’s daughter, Jada! And now, it looks like the Hunter family is about to grow by one!

According to the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Jada’s little sister, Talia, is headed to Salem. Soap opera newcomer Aketra Sevillian will be stepping into the role after stints on shows like Grown-Ish and The Sex Lives of College Girls, and it looks like she may be sticking around for a bit! 

Now, we know Jada’s introduction to Salem was far from easy. At first, she was just dumbfounded by the sheer number of bizarre goings-on and mystifyingly complex interplay of relationships between exes, partners and seemingly unending family members. Then she was sucked into the drama herself in the most heartbreaking of ways as she fell for Eric, weathered him leaving her for Nicole, then learned she was carrying his child and gave it up.

Inside Brady's Pub, Jada reaches for a somber Eric's hand

That’s the look of a woman questioning ever stepping foot in this town. Hopefully, she has some tips for her sister!

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

That’s a lot for anyone to deal with, but maybe braving the wilds of Salem will be a bit easier with family by her side. Then again, maybe not. Like her big sis, Talia sounds like a formidable woman as she arrives in town her medical degree… and applies for a job at the bakery? What?

That’s a mystery that headwriter Ron Carlivati told Digest “remains to be unraveled!”

Luckily for Talia (or not, depending on how much she wants to keep her secret), policing runs in the family, so we have a feeling Jada’s going to get to the bottom of this particular mystery one way or another!

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