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Days of Our Lives’ Zach Tinker (Sonny), who recently made a brief returned to The Young and the Restless as Fenmore, has landed a role on the CBS hit series Fire Country. As first reported by our sister site Deadline, Tinker will debut as Collin in Sunday night’s, January 29, special airing immediately following the AFC Championship Game on CBS at 10 pm.

And since he already juggles two daytime roles, even though we hardly ever see his Genoa City character these days, and recently appeared on Big Sky, he should have no trouble at all adding this new primetime project to the list. We can’t wait to see what Season 1 holds for this new character.

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Speaking of which… What should viewers expect from Collin? The character is described as a “humble, charming, and talented probie firefighter,” who happens to be the son of a “famous firefighting hero.” And sharing the last name of a hero means that Collin is continually working to live up to the name. Here’s a shot of Tinker behind the scsnes.

Be sure to tune in Sunday to see Tinker as the crews welcome a new member to their family in the episode titled “Two Pink Lines,” when Bode and his fellow prison inmate firefighters team up once again with the civilian station 42 crew to deal with a massive fire that erupts after a plane crash.

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