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You could practically hear the shrieks across the country as the January 24 episode of Days of Our Lives concluded with the apparent reveal that the devil was back in action. The hell-raiser, a hit in its first go-round in the ’90s, wasn’t quite so well-received upon its last comeback. (Silly plot, no consequences; go figure!)

A yellow-eyed MarDevil holds a black cat on Days of Our Lives

The devil 2.0 wasn’t the cat’s meow.

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

What we saw but Marlena didn’t was that her reunion in the afterlife with poor, ill-fated Susan may not have been with EJ’s mother at all but Satan. When Marlena wasn’t looking, Susan’s eyes glowed a telltale yellow, and she let loose a fiendishly familiar cackle.

Wearing all white, Susan holds a clipboard and puts an arm around Marlena's shoulder. Marlena holds an orange drink with an umbrella in it, and gives Susan a confused look.

“Whatever ya do, sugar, don’t spill.”

On one hand, this is bad news. Viewers were counting down the seconds until the devil got the hell out of Salem. But if the demon is back, it also means that there has to be more to the deaths of Marlena, Kayla and Kate than meets the yellowed eye. Even kooky Susan may be given a new lease on life!

Adding fuel to the hellfire of it all is John’s certainty that his and Marlena’s love story isn’t over. Ultimately, this will just be another chapter added to our photo-filled scrapbook of their tumultuous history. (It’s brand-new; take a peek here.)

While we wait to see how the story plays out — if the devil is back, please let the visit be a short one — review all of Days of Our Lives’ latest exits in our updated photo gallery.