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Credit: ©2022 Hallmark Media/Geoff Neufeldt

Anybody who’s been paying attention to recent events at the Kiriakis mansion knows that when Days of Our Lives’ Will returns on Monday, December 26, he’s going to get quite a shock. After all, husband Sonny has been spending an awful lot of time with Leo — you know, the same guy who has repeatedly turned their lives upside down?

As Chandler Massey explains to Soap Opera Digest, alter ego Will has a mixed reaction to the situation. “He knows the reason Sonny is doing it is because he’s a sweetheart and he cares about people and wants to give Leo a second chance, but Will is just frustrated that Sonny is being that gullible.”

Will’s not alone in that sentiment. Ever since Sonny began extending a helping hand to Leo, some fans have made it clear that they aren’t happy about the situation. After all, Leo’s past interactions with Will and his husband have not exactly been pleasant. There was the time Leo tried to frame Sonny for sexual harassment, or the incident in which the popular couple kinda-sorta killed Leo and tried to cover it up, only to have him return and blackmail them.

Others, however, genuinely enjoy the all-out performances of Greg Rikaart (Leo) and point out that with Massey only barely recurring, there’s only so much the soap can do with Will and Sonny.

As for Massey, he’s thrilled by the current storyline… despite how upset Will is. Why? “I feel any time your character is miserable, as an actor, you’re happy,” he explains. “Because it means you’re probably actually doing an interesting storyline!”

The big question is what, exactly, this will mean for Will and Sonny’s future. Massey hints to Digest that that when the husbands discuss the situation, “It doesn’t go particularly well.” And when Sonny refuses to see things from Will’s point of view, and in fact insists that Stark remain at the Kiriakis mansion, a line just may be crossed that the couple can’t bounce back from!