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It looks like Days of Our Lives viewers are about to have not just one but three reasons to be thankful this holiday season! At least, we hope they do!

According to spoilers, Rex is swinging by once again on Thursday, December 22, while Eli is coming back with the kids to visit Julie on Friday, December 23. And just to top it all off, Jennifer is returning from New York on the same day. And you know what that means — they’re back just in time for the Horton Christmas tree decorating!

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There are still a few details we’re missing, like whether Jennifer is back for good now or just taking a break from rehab to visit the family. The holidays can be a joyful time for folks, but also incredibly stressful, especially if Jennifer’s feeling the pressure of having to pull it all together for her family. We may get her back just to have to say goodbye once again!

Then there’s Eli. We’ll be curious over whether he has any updates about Lani’s prison time. The timing is more than a bit awkward seeing as how two of his in-laws are currently in hot water with Sloan threatening to have them tossed into prison with his wife! What if he’s coming home to help escort Paulina and Chanel off to jail?

Rex holds out a vial to Brady and Chloe at the hospital

We have a feeling Rex’s expertise will be needed again sooner, rather than later!

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

And while Rex’s visit is, we believe for the moment at least, a joyful one as he spends Christmas with his parents, we’ve got a feeling that could take a turn at any time. The winter preview, after all, teased that Kristen and Brady are going to run into orchid trouble and we have a feeling Rex’s medical expertise will be needed stat.

Though whether that’s enough to pull Kate, Kayla and Marlena back from the gates of heaven is another thing!

Hopefully everyone will at least get one day of happiness and joy, but it’s still very much up in the air over whether the Christmas season ends up merry or scary!

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