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Will and Gabi’s daughter on Days of Our Lives has a new look. Lane Rosa is now playing the role of Arianna Horton, previously played by Sydney Brower, and first appeared in the Thursday, October 27, episode after Gabi had picked her up from Sonny’s and headed to the Horton Scare Festival. Back in July, Rosa posted a photo on her Instagram page with Camila Banus (Gabi) and Remington Hoffman (Li) and shared, “Pretty excited about this one…”

Fans will recall that Arianna left Salem with Will and Sonny but later, with Sonny back in town, returned with Will for a brief visit.

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But one thing is for sure… Arianna’s parents have been dealing with their fair share of issues as of late. While Will is in Los Angeles working on rewrites for his latest movie script, Sonny is in Salem and missing his husband. In fact, Sonny recently confided in Maggie his feelings that Will was putting his job over their marriage, to which Maggie urged him to meet Will halfway.

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Then there’s Gabi… She’s currently engaged to be married to Li but still in love with Stefan. However, given that Rolf programmed Stefan to despise Gabi, they made their divorce official. Still, Gabi couldn’t shake the feeling that Rolf had a hand in Stefan’s feelings and forced him to admit that he had brainwashed Stefan on Kristen’s orders — and that Li was in on it — but Rolf got the upper hand and jabbed Gabi with a syringe, which in turn erased his confession from her mind… for now, anyway.

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As of this time, there is no word whether or not the character’s return will be permanent but we can bet if her mom and Li make it down the aisle, Arianna will be there for it — and so will we!

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