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It’s been a rough few months for Days of Our Lives heroine Jennifer. Like the rest of her family, she’s struggled to deal with the murder of her daughter, Abigail, not to mention the continued presence of Gwen in their lives. Seeking comfort where she could find it, Jennifer has been popping pills the way some folks do Tic Tacs, and it’s becoming a major problem for her.

Fortunately, while there’s not currently a doctor in the house in which she’s residing, there is one in the family, and he’s about to head back to Salem. Look for Roark Critchlow to step back into the role of Jennifer’s brother, Dr. Mike Horton, on Tuesday, October 4.

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For those needing a bit of a history lesson, here’s a quick-hit version of Mike’s life. Although he’s the son of Laura and Bill Horton, he was raised believing his dad to be Bill’s brother, Mickey. As you can imagine, this led to a whole lot of drama when finally the truth came to light. For years, Mike was a central character, experiencing pretty much every form of trauma that a soap writer could throw his way. Confessing to a murder he didn’t commit? Check. Interfaith relationship? Check. Falling in love with a woman dying of leukemia? Check. Accidentally shipping illegal weapons? Yup!

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At one point, Mike became involved in a heated battle with none other than Craig Wesley as they competed to becoming the Chief of Staff at University Hospital. Not surprisingly, Craig — with then-wife Nancy by his side — managed to manipulate his way into the position, at least briefly. Personal-life wise, Mike was notoriously unlucky in love. Although he has a son, Jeremy, with ex Robin Jacobs, Carrie Brady was the owner of his usually lonely heart. And although they did experience a few years of happiness off-screen, she would eventually reunite with her true love, Austin Reed.

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Mike hoped to ride into the sunset with dream girl Carrie.

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Now, of course, the timing is perfect for Mike’s return as sis Jennifer is dealing with a major crisis which, as this week’s video preview reveals, is about to take a potentially deadly turn! Being a doctor and all, perhaps Mike will also be able to help cure Kate, Marlena and Kayla of what ails them!

Critchlow also appeared briefly on Passions as Dr. Ackland, a psychiatrist hired by Sheridan’s wicked dad to erase true-love Luis from her mind. Luis, you’ll recall, was played by none other than Galen Gering, who currently plays Rafe on Days. 

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