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Things aren’t looking good for Days of Our Lives‘ Leo… and we don’t just mean on the employment front. Sure, he was disappointed when Chloe and Brady rejected his offer to “bring fab to the drab” that is Basic Black, but there are far bigger problems on the horizon as evidence mounts that he may have been the one to murder Chad’s wife, Abigail!

Truth be told, we can’t help hoping that the schemer isn’t guilty, because Greg Rikaart’s shade-throwing, quip-flinging, convention-defying alter ego is a breath of patchouli-scented fresh air. But if Leo’s going to remain a free man, Jessica Serfaty’s Sloan — the lawyer brought in to help Leo fend off the wolves gathering ’round his door — will have to be awfully good at what she does!

Although we long ago pegged Gwen as our No. 1 suspect — especially after finding out that she’s been toting that Sarah mask around in her luggage — it’s hard to deny that Leo’s got the stank of guilt on him. Already, we know that he was in the DiMera mansion that night (and thanks to Thomas introducing his dad to the “tooth fairy,” so does Chad). Then there’s the murder weapon, which would seem to be the same knife Leo used to cut his steak while hiding out in the mansion’s basement. Oh, and the fact that Chloe’s almost-stepdad had in his possession Abigail’s stolen jewels.

Like we said, it ain’t lookin’ good for Leo.

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Which is where Serfaty’s Sloan comes in. The attorney — who debuts next week — will definitely have her work cut out for her as she goes up against Rafe, Shawn, Jade and the rest of the police department.

“Leo is scared, for sure,” Rikaart tells Soap Opera Digest. “He thinks that things look bad for him because there is, in fact, evidence against him. It’s not evidence that he committed murder, but it’s certainly circumstantial evidence that puts him at the scene of the crime!”

Rikaart adds that after Leo meets with Sloan, he feels better about the situation. “She’s regarded as being a hotshot lawyer, and Leo believes in her,” he says. “He feels like she’s his ticket out of this mess.”

Until, that is, new evidence surfaces which could make the bad situation much, much worse.

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If Serfaty looks familiar, but you can’t place the name, you might be more familiar with her work under the name Jessica Michel. You also might be a fan of horror, because she’s appeared in the flick Ryde — in which a ride-share driver proves that it can be a bad idea to get into a car with strangers — as well as V/H/S/ Viral.

Or perhaps you’re a reality fan who remembers her from cycle 14 of America’s Next Top Model, where she made it all the way to the top five before being axed.

Jessica Serfaty, Days, modeling

Given that Serfaty has worked more than her fair share of runways over the years, is it too much to hope that fashion-plate Leo might decide to have a walk-off with his attorney? Hey, we can dream…

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