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Having wrapped up her ill-fated wedding, it looks like Alison Sweeney is exiting once more. And it’s a safe bet she’ll be taking Sami far, far away from Salem! Between learning that her “hero” Lucas was behind her kidnapping and finding EJ and Belle in bed together (or at least undressed and bed adjacent), we can’t exactly say we blame her!

Sami went out in a dramatic fashion, laying waste to enemies and loved ones alike and declaring that she was done bouncing between EJ and Lucas. And according to Soap Opera Digest it may be the last time she ever sets foot in Salem! That, though, sounds more like Sami’s wish, than Sweeney’s.

“Sami really put the kibosh on a return,” the actress acknowledges to Digest, “but never say never about what could happen next. I’m always open to it.”

At the church, an angry Sami faces Lucas, as Kate looks on

Whether or not Sami returns to Salem again, this may very well have been her last chance with Lucas. And he most definitely blew it!

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This last return was a brief one as Sami went from returning to engagement and wedding in what seemed like record time — even for her! It was so packed full of story and drama, though, Sweeney insists it felt longer. Plus, she tells, Digest, getting another wedding in was a blast. She was sure there’d never be another, but as she noted, never say never!

“I go around telling people confidently that I can name them all,” she laughs, “and now I’m like, ‘Oh, my God. That adds one more to the list.’ It’s hard to keep track. But I loved it.”

And she has special praise for Bryan Dattilo in his scenes as Lucas tried to explain his betrayal away and convince Sami to stick around.

“He was so good in it,” she gushes. “It’s great to get to watch that. I always love visiting Salem.”

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