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When the more nefarious residents of Salem need help with their wicked plots, they know exactly who to call: Dr. Wilhelm Rolf. After all, if his assistance was good enough — er, bad enough? — for the late, great Stefano, who are the likes of Kristen and Gwen to look elsewhere?

This time around, however, you might notice that Rolf has a different look. That’s because according to Soap Opera Digest, Richard Wharton has slipped into the white lab coat so often donned by the character’s originator, William Utay.

If Wharton seems familiar, you might be a Young & Restless viewer with an incredibly good memory for actors who played small parts in the past. Because back in 2009, the actor did about a week’s worth of episodes on the Genoa City-set soap. At the time, he played a pawn shop owner who’d purchased a ring which played a crucial role in proving that much-loved Katherine Chancellor was alive and well.

YR Kevin Jana Daniel Amber

Wharton played a crucial role in helping Young & Restless‘ Kevin, Jana, Amber and Daniel get to the truth about Katherine!

Credit: Aaron Montgomery

Wharton’s time on Days will serve as a mini-reunion, given that while playing the pawn broker, he acted opposite Emily O’Brien, who was Young & Restless‘ Jana and is now Salem’s Gwen. Given that in the past, Rolf has helped Gwen (at least when it served his purposes to do so), perhaps she will once again call upon his services.

Rolf might also wind up crossing paths with Gwen’s BFF and fellow troublemaker, Leo, played by Young & Restless‘ former Kevin, Greg Rikaart! (It really is a small soap world after all, isn’t it?)

As to why Rolf is back on the canvas, that is literally impossible to guess. Why do we say that? Well, in the past the character has played a hand in some of the show’s most outlandish twists. It was the mad mind of Stefano’s favorite medico that crafted masks so lifelike they transform everything about the wearer — including their height, weight and voice. And who could forget the time that Rolf used the “essence” of The Phoenix to resurrect him in Steve’s body?

So yeah, rather than speculate as to what Rolf will get up to this time, we’ll simple sit back buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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