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Yes, we’re sad to say it’s true, Days of Our Lives‘ Sal Stowers is leaving the soap as Lani Price. According to the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, she’s decided to exit, with her last day on July 1.

Even though Lani did shoot her unarmed dad dead and then let her mom cover for the act, it’s still something of a surprise. After all, it seemed like if ever there was a a time that extenuating circumstances would get someone off the hook for a killing, it would be this! The question now is whether she’s leaving for jail or heading out of town with Eli.

There is a decent chance that she might get a happy exit, as we also got news that Lamon Archey is out!

At Paulina's apartment, Lani aims a gun at TR, who turns in surprise. Days of Our Lives

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After all, a panicked Lani entered her mom’s home to see the man who raised her as her father laying in a pool of blood on the floor, and the abusive man who was her actual biological father threatening her mother. What was she supposed to do? Still, things might have turned out different if only she’d come clean and didn’t allow Paulina to take the wrap.

As the guilt ate away at Lani, we had a sinking feeling things wouldn’t turn out well, but we were really hoping against hope that after she unburdened herself at the wedding, the guests’ vow of silence would save her. Sadly, it wasn’t enough to appease her guilt. As to exactly how her arrest will turn out, though, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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It’s not the first time Stowers has left the soap, having taken a six-month break back in 2016 after her initial 2015 introduction. That, though, was before she became such a core character, falling in love with Eli, giving birth to twins and learning that Paulina was not her aunt, but her mother. Hopefully, this time isn’t for forever either!

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