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Well fans, it’s time to say goodbye to another Days of Our Lives actor, as Lamon Archey is exiting the NBC soap as Eli Grant. The latest issue of Soap Opera Digest is reporting that the actor, who created the role in 2017, has opted to leave and will last air in the coming week. Incidentally, Sal Stowers has also decided to leave soap as Lani.

It wasn’t long ago that viewers were forced to see less of the actor after Eli ended up in a coma. As you’ll recall, back in March, Eli caught TR with drugs and even though Lani’s biological father insisted he had been clean, Eli didn’t believe him. During a tussle, TR grabbed Eli’s gun and it went off. The bullet hit Eli and landed him in a coma.

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However, when Eli woke up and Lani learned the truth — that her father had shot her husband — she went to arrest the man on her own. And upon arriving at Paulina’s and finding TR had knocked Abe out cold, Lani aimed a gun and shot and killed her father.

A stonefaced Lani aims her gun on Days of Our Lives

Even though Paulina took the wrap to protect her daughter, Eli learned that his wife had committed the crime but Paulina insisted Lani stay quiet — and Eli agreed, for the sake of their family. However, we all know that secrets in soaps don’t stay secrets for very long…

After Paulina was released on bail, Lani kept having visions of TR warning that the truth needed to come out — and she finally confessed in front of everyone at Paulina and Abe’s wedding.

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Eli tried to talk Lani out of officially confessing but she needed to do the right thing. After she signed a statement, Eli escorted his wife to booking and now everyone is forced to await Lani’s fate.

At the interrogation room table, Lani furrows her brow and leans forward while making a point to Eli

Stay tuned!

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