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Not only did Days of Our Lives fans finally get to meet Ben and Ciara’s new baby, the little boy’s namesake holds a lot of history in Salem and Bo’s grandpa had a lot to do with him being rescued from the devil’s clutches. So, who’s playing the latest youngster on the NBC soap?

Starkidz released the casting news that Warren and Cody Krasnow are playing the part — for now anyway. As we all know, with most baby roles on soaps, they often end up recasted numerous times.

And even though we haven’t gotten to see his face a whole lot, the story behind little Bo’s birth and rescue will be one for the Salem history books… The downhill spiral really kicked in when a possessed Allie helped Ciara deliver her son, only to then kidnap the boy with plans to take over his body.

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However, before things go that far, Ciara was able to save her son, with the help of her deceased father Bo, who shielded his daughter with a white light, which enabled her to push through the devil’s barrier and save her baby. This led to a precious moment where Bo then appeared to Ciara and Ben and assured them that the devil was gone.

He not only gave Ben his blessing, and confirmed that Ben was indeed a changed man, Bo gave Ciara the biggest gift of all… of course, saving her son, but also a chance for her father to meet her husband — and before he left, he asked Ciara to give Hope his love, not to mention, brought Tripp back in the process.

Now that Bo’s heavenly time in Salem has come to an end, view a photo gallery of Bo and Hope’s love story.