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It’s been one heck of an emotional and dark ride, but fans will have to say farewell to Days of Our Lives‘ William Christian as TR is fatally gunned down by his own daughter, Lani! TR’s downfall was only a matter of time once Eli woke from his coma and now that it’s finally happening, according to the new issue of Soap Opera Digest, Lani’s husband wastes no time in telling her who shot him. And Lani, Sal Stowers told Digest, “knows she has to be the one to stop” TR.
Unable to reach her mother to warn her, Lani rushes over to her apartment, only to find that she may be too late as Abe’s already on the ground and TR’s about to hit Paulina. She doesn’t think, but just reacts and takes her shot, ending the life of the man she was just starting to accept as her father, and her kids’ grandfather. “Everyone that she loves,” Stowers explained, “Eli, Abe, Paulina — was almost taken away from her.” What other choice did she have?
Lani leans in, and points to herself, while talking to TR in her apartment. Days of Our Lives

He brought her into this world, so she’s the one who has to take him out of it.

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

But the fallout from TR’s death may only be beginning, as when Steve bursts onto the scene, Paulina steps in to say she shot her abusive ex as Lani deals with the shock of all that she’s done. “There’s so much going on in her head,” Stowers previewed. “Lani’s trying to figure out everything that happened.”
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Back when Christian first appeared as Paulina’s ex and Lani’s father at the end of January, the daytime vet admitted that he was hesitant about taking on such a dark role, but decided to give it a go. Ultimately, he relished the chance to play the bad guy and work with incredible folks like Stowers and Jackée Harry. He brought both charm and menace to the man Paulina had us afraid of before he even appeared, but as his path grew inevitably darker, it certainly seemed like there was only one way out for him.

As for how his family processes what happens, though, and how the legal system views what went down, all we can say is keep watching!

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