Ciara leans into Ben's arms, while sitting on their bed on Days of Our Lives
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Things in Salem are about to get even crazier — yes, crazier than normal — and it’s not surprising since the Devil is still running around wreaking havoc on those in his path. So, who’s the next one in line as his pawn?

Brock Kelly will make another return to Days of Our Lives as Evan, as first reported by Soap Opera Digest, and wait until you hear what brings Orpheus’ unstable son back into the mix this time…

In our Days of Our Lives spoilers for next week, a possessed Allie seeks out a foe of Ben and Ciara’s and sure enough it’s Evan. However, there’s just one problem… he’s currently in prison. But, hey, this is the Devil we’re talking about so when it comes to breaking him out who better to do so than him — and that’s exactly what happens since he needs Evan for a special assignment.

The magazine previewed that after drugging Ben, the Devil, while possessing Allie, finally reveals that he’s after Ciara’s baby and needs Ben out of the way for good. Robert Scott Wilson shared, “Ben realizes the Devil has now switched [places]. It’s right in front of him, inside his own house.” Ben is then locked up in the DiMera crypt with Johnny where the Devil uses his hand to “write” a note.

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After Ciara finds the note, she wants to head to see Ben at the garage, but the Devil intervenes and convinces Evan to tell Ciara that he killed Ben in exchange for breaking him out of prison. Later, Ciara finds Evan standing over Ben’s body but has no idea it’s really the Devil making it appear to be Ben, while back in the crypt, Andre agrees to let Ben go if he kills Johnny!

Ultimately Ben refuses, not wanting to ever kill again — even if it means dying himself at the hands of Andre. However, he can’t stop thinking about Ciara and their baby and wants to save his family.

It sounds as though we have a lot to look forward to next week, so stay tuned!

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