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One of Salem’s bad boys are about to make a return! George DelHoyo will once again reprise the role of Orpheus next week — and things aren’t looking good for EJ.

If you don’t want any details — even the smallest one — turn away now. As listed in our Days of Our Lives spoilers, next Tuesday, March 8, Clyde is going to take a meeting with his old frenemy to conspire over EJ.

Last month, EJ was stunned to learn that Clyde was his new cellmate and as talk of EJ’s shooting came to the surface — and how he wanted nothing more than to confront the SOB who shot him in the back — Clyde was pleased to learn that EJ didn’t remember that night, a night that changed his life forever, or the fact that Clyde had shot him.

Clyde and EJ face each other in a prison cell. EJ holds out a pillow and folded blanket between them. Days of Our Lives

Sure, Clyde may have come off as trustworthy to EJ, who now needs someone to watch his back in prison, but Clyde being Clyde is not someone to be trusted — and throw Orpheus into the mix and there’s a recipe for disaster just waiting to happen.

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The last time we saw Orpheus was in 2021 when he had his son Evan hold Ciara captive in a glass room in order to use her to blackmail Victor into getting him out of prison. However, when Clyde found out Orpheus’ role in his son’s missing wife, he stabbed him in the stomach.

Clyde beats up Orpheus DAYS

It safe to say these two will find some common ground in order to benefit themselves so… watch your back — or gut — EJ!

Orpheus and Clyde aren’t the only Salemites that have unleashed the crazy. Take a look at our gallery filled with photos of other characters and their horrific acts.

— Amy Mistretta