days of our lives melissa reeves as jennifer leaving recast
Credit: Image: John Paschal/JPI

Earlier this week Jack returned to Salem and Jennifer won’t be too far behind. Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Melissa Reeves will be bringing her character back to Days of Our Lives very soon.

The last time we saw Jennifer was when she returned home for the holidays in 2021. And in January, she, along with Jack, left town to return to Boston after taking over a small newspaper.

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It’s safe to say that Jennifer’s latest return will have to do with her missing daughter Abigail. On Tuesday, February 22, Jack arrived at Xander and Gwen’s room at the Salem Inn looking for answers as to where his daughter could be. Though Gwen denied knowing anything about her sister’s disappearance, Jack pushed her until Xander had to intervene to defend his new fiancée. Jack quickly apologized to Gwen but made one thing clear… when he found out who was responsible for taking Abigail, he would make them pay.

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And, as we know, Gwen knows exactly what happened to Abigail. Even though Jack and Jennifer have forgiven Gwen for her past wrongdoings, and have welcomed her into the family fold, once they find out that Gwen, along with Ava, paid a pilot to deal with Abigail, we have a feeling they won’t be as forgiving — not to mention how Abigail will react upon learning her sister had a hand in landing her on the deserted island.

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— Amy Mistretta