Matthew Ashford as Jack Deveraux on Days of Our Lives
Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

We are counting down the days — pun intended — until Days of Our Lives returns from its break following the Winter Olympics and fans will be happy to know that Matthew Ashford will once again be back on our screens as Jack. Furthermore, even though Lamon Archey hasn’t been gone all that long, Eli will be back in Salem as well.

Jack and Jennifer gape at Gwen in Horton House on Days of Our Lives

Jack has been MIA since the beginning of January when he accompanied Jennifer back to Boston to take over a small newspaper. Prior to that he and Gwen finally cleared the air between them. However — and turn away now if you don’t want to be spoiled! — he will arrive back in Salem just in time for another go-round with his daughter. Look for Jack to demand answers from Gwen. And since it’s Gwen we’re talking about, there’s no telling if she’ll be truthful in her response or not.

Eli supports Lani on Days of Our Lives

Then there’s Eli… Lani’s husband may have left town for a short bit but he’ll be back at the Salem Police Department before long. Not only will Lani be filling her hubby in on all that has transpired since he’s been gone, including the fact that Paulina’s abusive ex TR is in town — and happens to be her biological father — Eli will get information on the man firsthand from TR’s ex, who arrives at the PD and confirms her connection to Terrell Raymond.

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Monday, February 21, can’t come soon enough!

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— Amy Mistretta