TR's ex arrives in Salem Days
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

There’s going to be a new face hitting Salem when the NBC soap returns later this month following the Olympics. Donielle Artese has been cast on the NBC soap as TR’s ex-girlfriend. The daytime newcomer confirmed the news on her Instagram page after a previous report and shared her excitement, “Well I was supposed to be waiting until closer to the air date, but I guess the cat’s out of the bag!”

She went on to urge fans to “make sure to tell your moms and grandmothers to tune in!” Grateful to be working, the actress stated, “You can catch me from March [through] June…for now!”

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Artese, who fans may recognize as Karen from the HBO series Insecure, was first spotted in a recent Days of Our Lives preview. As viewers watched TR beg Paulina for another chance, a mystery woman arrived at the Salem Police Department and told Eli that she was TR’s ex-girlfriend.

So, what information will she have to spill about TR? Well, it’s safe to say that she has some incriminating goods to pass along since she decided to make the PD her first stop upon arriving in Salem. And from everything Paulina has said about the man, that information could be any number of things. Speaking of Paulina… we can’t wait to see her interact with her ex’s ex — stay tuned!

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— Amy Mistretta