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Imagining Days of Our Lives without Sami is just about as impossible a proposition as imagining the show’s opening credits without the sands flowing through the hourglass. And the good news is, we’re unlikely to ever have to consider her gone gone. But the bad news, or at least the dispiriting news, is that we’re also unlikely to get her back for good either.


“I love playing the role of Sami,” portrayer Alison Sweeney recently told People. “For me, what I love about the character and what keeps me coming back for more is just how she’s the kind of woman who… She’s crazy, right? She can do anything. And I love this character because she is definitely willing to do anything to get what she wants.”

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However, Sweeney doesn’t intend to return for the long haul. “No, full-time is not the plan for me,” she said. “Because I produce and develop content for Hallmark and other streaming services. I love getting to do my own projects.

“I do feel so blessed to be able to have the best of both worlds,” she added. “The opportunity to go back to Days of Our Lives, it feels like going home again, to be honest with you. It’s like visiting my family during the holidays. I get to see everyone. I get to play Sami. I get to go home. But then I get to go out and develop these projects and… push myself.”

Sweeney’s latest venture, the second installment in Hallmark’s Wedding Veil trilogy, premieres February 12. Get all the deets on the movie here. A recent Instastory also hints that she’s been back taping at Days of Our Lives.

While you’re in the neighborhood, perhaps wrapping your brain around the unlikelihood of a permanent Days of Our Lives return for Sami, celebrate the wild ride she’s already delivered with a photo gallery that recalls her lifetime of “She did what?!?” exploits.

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