Sal Stowers as Lani Price on the Brady Pub set. Days of Our Lives
Credit: NBC

Days of Our Lives viewers have heard a lot about Ray ever since Paulina first came to town last year. Now, we’ll finally get to meet the cruel man from her past. While we had a different All My Children vet pegged for the part, we’re just as intrigued by Soap Opera Digest’s report of the casting of William Christian, who played Pine Valley chief of police Derek Fyre.

As you’ll recall, Paulina first described her ex as an abusive and controlling man she got caught up with when she was much younger. After getting away from him, she vowed never to be in a position for a man to have power over her, or lay a hand on her again. She seemingly kept that vow, as she built herself a nice real estate fortune all on her own.

What she failed to tell her “niece” Lani and fiancée Abe though, was that Ray was also really Lani’s biological father — and Paulina was her mother, not her aunt. That news came out, of course, at the most inopportune time, as MarDevil prompted Chanel to blurt it out just as Paulina was about to say “I do” to Abe.

Paulina turns her face from an anguished Abe at the church on Days of Our Lives

It of course came as a blow to both Lani and Abe, who believed he and Paulina’s sister Tamara were Lani’s parents. While Abe has come around to understanding Paulina’s choices, Lani hasn’t allowed forgiveness, just yet.

However, the arrival of her biodad could be just the thing that makes that happen. While we were surprised Lani didn’t immediately seek out Ray after the reveal, it seems she is finally going to meet him — whether she wants to or not. The question is, will he be as evil as Paulina says, or will he be a changed man?

Though he’s best known for his role on All My Children, eagle-eyed Days of Our Lives fans might recognize Christian as the go-between ISA agent who instructed John to drug Steve in 2018. In addition to Days and All My Children, Christian appeared as Dr. Marshall Redd on Another World.

While we wait to see what drama Ray brings to Salem when he debuts on January 26, take a look through our gallery of the latest gorgeous portraits of the Days of Our Lives cast.