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Days of Our Lives’, Chloe has got a lot going on right now, what with her boyfriend Philip presumed dead, and the object of her affection, Brady, as the prime suspect in his “murder”. Of course, Brady was let off the hook when Kate and Victor rescinded their declaration of Philip’s death, but that doesn’t mean Trask couldn’t find another way to go after him for the crime.

Brady was found with Philip’s blood all over him near the lake where Philip’s prosthetic leg was found. While Philip might not really be dead, circumstantial as it might be, the evidence doesn’t look great for Brady. But that doesn’t seem to be the only drama Chloe will soon have to deal with.

Chloe closes her eyes as she leans on Brady chest. Their arms are wrapped around each ohter.

Per the Days of Our Lives spoilers, Chloe receives a surprise visit on January 14. With Soap Opera Digest previewing that Nancy will be dropping in on her daughter, it’s not too far of a stretch to assume it’s her. The soap mag also indicates that Nancy shares “shocking news” about her union with Chloe’s father, Craig, who will arrive the following week.

If you’ll recall, Patrika Darbo’s Nancy was last seen in Salem in 2017 when Chloe gave birth to Nicole’s daughter Holly. Meanwhile, Kevin Spirtas’ Craig was last seen in 2009 when Chloe fell into a coma after Kate poisoned her. However, both Darbo and Spirtas reprised their roles as Chloe’s parents during the Last Blast Reunion digital series on the DOOL App. Though, their characters were living in New York and their appearance largely served to bolster Jan’s fictional murder mystery story.

Chloe talks with her parents after the Last Blast Reunion

So, what is this big news Nancy comes bearing? Could Chloe’s parents be splitting up? Is Craig sick? Does it have anything to do with Chloe’s son Parker or her sister Joy? And will all this family drama send Chloe straight into Brady’s arms?

As we await the drama to unfold, refresh your memory on Chloe’s goth to glam evolution in our photo gallery.