Matthew Ashford as Jack Deveraux on Days of Our Lives
Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

It looks like once the holidays are over, Jennifer will be heading back to Boston… and she’ll take hubby Jack with her. Days of Our Lives spoilers for the first week of the new year reveal that the reunited couple are heading back to Boston on Thursday, January 6th. And the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest confirms that Jack isn’t just taking his wife back to Massachusetts, he’s going to be remaining there with her. And that means that once again, portrayer Matthew Ashford will be exiting the canvas.

Though Jack had been mistakenly believed dead for a few years, Ashford brought the character back for a triumphant return on New Year’s Eve of 2018. Well, it was less-than-triumphant since he showed up on Eve’s arm with no memory of who he or anyone else in Salem was, but in time, the Jack everyone knew and loved returned.

Jenn sees Jack

Ashford’s been in town ever since, dealing with everything from Jennifer’s coma (during which he had an affair with Kate) to the revelation that new-Brit-in-town Gwen was his daughter from yet another affair he’d had while in London years earlier.

Melissa Reeves exited the show, of course, back in September of 2020, and Cady McClain stepped in to take over… winning herself an Emmy in the process! McClain took Jennifer off-screen in February of this year as the character dealt with the death of her mother, Laura, at the hands of Jack’s daughter, Gwen.

Still, it was no surprise when Days of Our Lives asked Reeves to return to the iconic role for the holidays and reunite with Jack for a feel-good moment in the midst of all the satanic panic. The good news is that Jack and Jennifer have resolved their issues. The bad news? Her return to Boston means that her husband will be going along for the ride.

The question is, is this for good, or will Ashford be bringing Jack back for return engagements to Salem? Now that Jack and Jennifer are back together, it seems like unless Reeves (or McClain) return for an extended stint, Jack’s likely to remain off-camera until one of his kids need him or he and Jen have an off-screen break-up.

Gwen peers at Jack through jail cell bars on Days of Our Lives

JJ’s been gone for a bit, but Gwen and Abigail are still in town of course, so Jack’s certainly not losing his Salem roots. And between their involvement with the Kiriakis and DiMera clans, there’s no shortage of trouble they could get into that could get dad running back to help them out.

What do you think, readers? Are you sad to see Jack go, or do you assume this will just be a temporary exit with both he and Ashford returning at some point down the line? Meanwhile, as we ponder Jack’s future, join us in looking at all of the actors who’ve left Days of Our Lives (and, in some cases, returned again) in recent months.